IATA Code: CAK – Akron-Canton Regional Airport

International Air Transport Association (IATALocation Identifier uses a 3-letter code to identify locations of airports throughout the world.800px-Flag_of_the_United_States.svg

CAK or known as Akron-Canton Airport is a regional airport located in Ohio. It is a regional commercial airport in the city of Green which is southern area of Summit county. The airport is just off interstate 77, which is southeast of Akron and northwest of Canton thus, the name of the airport.

The airport has only two runways and yet it is one of the fastest growing airports in the Midwest. It only serves local or domestic flights bringing passengers to major hubs like O’Hare International Airport in Chicago to get connecting flights to international destinations.

I arrived in CAK at noon from driving almost an hour and a half from Caldwell. CAK has short and long term parking areas. I parked my  car in Long Term Parking ‘B’ lot since it will only charge me of US$48 for a weekly rate. If you want to check their rates, click here. I was trying to park my car and the airport’s shuttle bus was just right behind me to pick me up to bring me to the airport counter gates. It was really convenient because I don’t have to wait for the bus anymore. I got a yellow ticket from the shuttle bus driver and he said to keep it and to give it when I come back for the driver to drop me off where I left the car. That was so cool since a lot of times whenever I leave my vehicle on a big parking area, I always forget where I parked it. Funny but it happened to me almost all the time when I’m in Walmart Marietta ;).

I was then dropped off in Terminal Gate of the airport. I proceeded directly to the airline counter to get my boarding pass since I can’t do it using the kiosk. It was fast and I got my boarding pass in a jiffy.img_4934

I got spare time to wander around the airport’s departure area and got these.


Stores in CAK Airport while waiting for your flight


On my way to the boarding gate


CAK Airport



Waiting Area


Arbys and Great Lakes Brewery


Free Wi-Fi connection while waiting for boarding

I got to see the departure area of the airport and when I got back from my trip, I got the chance to take some photos in the arrival area.


Welcome sign


Baggage Pickup Area

CAK maybe considered a small regional airport but thru this airport, I got easy access to go and travel to other famous and big destinations within the country  and outside. The airport is for travelers like me who live closer to it. It only has few services and facilities offered but definitely beneficial to all flyers.


IATA Code: CEB – Mactan Cebu International Airport

International Air Transport Association (IATALocation Identifier uses a 3-letter code to identify locations of airports throughout the world.419674_10150619212324667_908690600_n (1)

CEB or known as Mactan-Cebu International Airport is one of the main gateways in the Philippines. It is stationed in the Queen City of the South. Located in the Visayas Region, Mactan-Cebu International Airport has been serving a lot of travelers going from and to other countries and parts of the Philippines.

For the international terminal, most flights were to Northeastern part of Asia such as Japan and Korea. It has airline offices for Air Busan, Jeju Air, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines. Not only that, local carriers such as Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and AirAsia also utilise CEB for flights to other parts of Asia. As I had my starting point in CEB, I noticed that some parts were under construction. Thus, giving a lot of negative feedback on my part as an airport terminal guest. Issues that left me complaining were:

1. There were no seats for passengers or sendoff significant others on the waiting area.

2. ACs didn’t work that well. It was indeed hot.

3. Some gates were barricaded with yellow lines signifying that they were under construction.

4. It was small for an international airport.

Even though there were negative criticisms for CEB, there were also positive points I noticed. First is it was neat and clean. Second, it was in order. Third, it may have been a small airport terminal but it was still spacious, maybe because the passengers were moving in and out. There were only less delay flights or problems on the airport grounds that made it a good thing about how MCIAA/ Mactan Cebu International Airport Authority efficient.

Well, let me give you a tour. Upon entering the gates, you can get a trolley just near the door gates. You can walk from the door gate to your right side and see stalls for coffee, money changers, and airline offices.

Food stalls, money changers, and airline offices

Food stalls, money changers, and airline offices

Airport Chapel

Airport Chapel

Then, there is a ramp going to the check-in counter area. Here, passengers were the only persons allowed. Once you get in, you will go to an X-ray inspection for you luggage.


X-ray inspection for luggage

Once cleared, can proceed directly to the check-in counter if they are open already.

Check-in Counters

Check-in Counters

As soon as you have your boarding pass, you will see this table at the middle. This is the travel tax counter.

Travel Tax Counter

Travel Tax Counter

After finishing paying the travel tax, you can head to the terminal fee counter to pay for it.

Terminal Fee Counter

Terminal Fee Counter

When the terminal ticket has been stapled or placed in your passport, you can go inside the boarding gates passing through passport control for exit stamp.

Going to Boarding Gates

Going to Boarding Gates

Near Boarding Gates

Near Boarding Gates

There in boarding gates, you wait for announcement if your plane has arrived and ready for boarding.

Boarding gates with TV to entertain passengers waiting for their flight

Boarding gates with TV to entertain passengers waiting for their flight

While for domestic area, it has been 10 years when I last used CEB hub. I haven’t tried flying from/ to there. But as far as I could remember, my experience using CEB was good.

Easy access to both international and local gates

Easy access to both international and local gates

In general, even though CEB has hit and miss some points but it was a good airport terminal. Maybe soon when I fly back to the Philippines, CEB would be one of the best options to land with due to the proximity to my home province.

IATA Code: TAG – Tagbilaran Airport

International Air Transport Association (IATALocation Identifier uses a 3-letter code to identify locations of airports throughout the world.

419674_10150619212324667_908690600_n (1)

Tagbilaran Airport is tagged with a 3-letter IATA code TAG. It is located in the capital city of the province of Bohol. A province is known and popular for tourists   for it has everything to get the best R&R. Tagbilaran Airport is a small but not a bad airport in terms of services and facilities. It only serves domestic flights from and to Manila, the capital of the country.


There are only 3 airline carriers that come and go in this airport. Those carriers are Cebu Pacific Airlines which has 2 flights per day, Philippine Airlines which has 4 flights per day and lastly, Zest Airways with 3 flights on Sundays to Wednesdays only. Tagbilaran Airport is not a busy airport hub. It even closes right after the last flight in the afternoon but it operates if there are any emergencies.

DSC03485Just outside the airport for both departure and arrival exitsDSC03484Upon presenting your e-ticket, you can directly go inside to get your boarding pass after also passing this checkpoint ;). Note: only passengers are allowed to get inside but exemptions do apply if you know some airport personnel
DSC03478Crash Fire and Rescue Unit with Airport Control TowerDSC03480Since it’s just a small airport, a scene like this always happen. Long queues in getting your boarding pass from 3 different airline countersDSC03483Final Check before entering the Pre-departure AreaDSC03491Pre-departure Area, First floorDSC03493Pre-departure Area, Second floorDSC03495Food and souvenir stalls

Tagbilaran Airport has only 1 terminal with 2 gates and 1 airport ramp. With the growing demand of flights going to Bohol and an increasing tourist population, the government has submitted a proposal for a new and wider airport. It has been passed already just recently and a budget has been on process. It will be a joint venture of the government and Japan since Japan lends the money for the said project. They called it, New Bohol International Airport which will be located in Panglao Island.