A Walk in Jubail Corniche

You have been wondering what is ‘Corniche’ coz I, myself, kept on thinking why people here in Saudi  Arabia tend to call it Corniche. Then, I checked it on the dictionary and here is what I found, Corniche means a road built along a coast and especially along the face of a cliff.

The Philippines is an archipelago and most of these islands have cliffs and coasts but we never call it corniche at all. Maybe I am just too curious yet at least I got to know one new word. But I don’t really care coz if you ever get the chance to come here in Saudi Arabia or any country in the Middle East, they usually call it, corniche or cornish. And when you are going to ask a local about tourist destinations, they would usually say, ‘oh. try to visit our corniche’. And yes it is true. The places nice to visit in Saudi Arabia are the corniche viewing the vast ocean.

One fine afternoon, I was walking in Jubail Corniche. It was first time to get there but I always see it when I go to work. It was on that day that I had a chance to visit and set afoot.  When I got there, there were a lot of families camping out. But I didn’t bother. I just had my mind focused like I was walking in the park. The place was relaxing but I’m a bit disappointed due to the stingy smell from the sea. It was polluted and you can see upfront, the ginormous plants. Yet, it was way for me to relax after a stressful day at work.2014-03-19 16.47.14 2014-03-19 16.49.43 2014-03-19 16.50.33 2014-03-19 16.54.10 2014-03-19 17.04.55 2014-03-19 17.11.44 2014-03-19 17.12.21 2014-03-19 17.59.44 2014-03-19 18.17.21


My Last Beach Quest

My last beach trip in Al Jubayl before I put my traveling shoes back to the shoe rack started so bad. My appointed driver for my travel didn’t show up so, I ended up waiting outside for an hour for an alternative driver. I was pissed off when the driver told me that I was the one who didn’t keep my words. My driver and I had a plan to come and pick me up at 1300H. He called me that he was already outside waiting for me but when I went out, he was nowhere to be found and for Christ‘s sake, there are 3 parking areas and they are freaking wide. He told me to look for a Hyundai Light Blue SUV but there were a lot and to add up the difficulty, I was not wearing my glasses. I called him 11 times and he said, I’m just here, look for a Hyundai blah blah. Those were the words he was saying the whole time. He is Indian and stayed in Saudi Arabia for quite some time but he doesn’t speak English that well. The last time I called, he left. So, I hailed a taxi and just for your information, getting a taxi in Saudi Arabia is hard. There are private vehicles that usually stop and offer you to hitch hike but there were incidences that a lot of expats has been taken to jail due to riding private cars. Thus, I made sure to hail a proper taxi.

At exactly 1430H, I got one, an Indian who speaks English. He drove all the way from Al Huwaylat District to Dareen Sector. The driver doesn’t know where to go but thank God, I downloaded Co-Pilot GPS which came so handy.

We reached Dareen Beach by 1500H. To my surprise, it is a nice beach I’ve seen so far in Al Jubayl right after Al Nakheel Beach. I posted a week and a month before about other beaches I’ve been to, like Al Fanateer Beach and Al Nakheel Beach. But, for me, Al Nakheel Beach is the best. The view, the sand, the water and the crowd. Just check my other post about Al Nakheel Beach, click here.

Dareen Beach has a long and wide shoreline. It is not crowded and is a good place to do camping, picnics, unwind or just strolling on the shore. When I came there, there are only few families camping and playing. It is a nice site if you really want peace and time with your family.2013-12-24 16.05.44
Dareen Beach is a long beach that stretches about half a mile from north to south. Here are the photos I captured during my trip.2013-12-24 15.11.32 2013-12-24 15.18.03 2013-12-24 15.18.34 2013-12-24 15.19.01 2013-12-24 15.24.07 2013-12-24 15.27.42 2013-12-24 15.29.22 2013-12-24 15.30.52 2013-12-24 15.31.11 2013-12-24 15.32.55 2013-12-24 15.58.20 2013-12-24 15.59.49 2013-12-24 16.02.56 2013-12-24 16.12.17

Isn’t it a beauty?

Beach Bum

It’s February 14, Valentine’s Day. Because I’ve got no one to go with me on a date so I ended up spending it with myself, how pathetic. Since my current location is near the sea and most of my trips are near the beach. My previous posts also talked about beach in Al Jubayl. And yes until now, I’ll be talking about another beach. So, I just hope that you won’t get bored and sea sick =D.

I went already to Al Fanateer Beach. Just recently, I had my trip in Al Nakheel Beach, which is the southern part of Al Fanateer Beach, located almost half a mile from Fanateer District. The place is well maintained, clean, and family oriented. Everything is pleasing to the eyes. The good thing about it is it is for free. No need for entrance fees, corkage or even cottage rentals, amazing right. I was just amazed coz way back in the Philippines, everything has a fee.

Upon entering Al Nakheel Beach, you will see a very captivating signage. IMG_2612It’s a wide beach actually. I just don’t know the total land area coz it stretches wide and has a long light brown powdery sands shoreline. There are visible lifeguard stalls but no one is there to man it.2013-12-12 13.20.37 2013-12-12 14.13.39
It’s a great place to do picnic and sit there while enjoying the sea breeze. Me, I felt like I’ve been a beach bum for a day. I just wanted to relax and be seized to the sound of the gushing water, sun-basking and hear the fresh air whipping past my face.2013-12-12 13.20.59 2013-12-12 13.24.56 2013-12-12 13.25.53 2013-12-12 13.26.46 2013-12-12 13.34.16
I saw a lot of families, teens and after-work employees hanging out at the beach. Al Nakheel Beach gets crowded during Thursday afternoon and Fridays since those days are Saudi off-days.2013-12-12 14.31.49 2013-12-12 14.32.18 IMG_2694 IMG_2702
As a conclusion, Al Nakheel Beach topped my list as the best beach in Al Jubayl because it has everything you need. Playgrounds for your kids, nice camping site for the family and amazing getaway for teens and exhausted employees from work. So, if you happened to drop by at Al Jubayl, make sure to come at Al Nakheel Beach. Do it on winter season and not during summer. If you are married, you can treat your family a well-deserved Valentine’s Day in the beach.2013-12-12 14.36.13Happy Hearts’ Day to all!

There Is Green in the Desert

When we talked about desert, what usually comes to mind first is heat followed by wide vast of sand with no or few vegetation at sight. That is what I also have in mind before I came to the Middle East specifically in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But, I was wrong. There is actually green in the desert especially in Al Jubayl.

In this rising municipality of Al Jubayl which is now a fast growing industrial  city providing petrochemicals in the country and the world, you can find parks and I am talking about nature parks. I just had visited one of the nature parks in Al Jubayl called Al Deffi Park.2013-12-12 12.20.50

Al Deffi Park is famous for bird viewing especially during winter or cold season in the Eastern Region of the Kingdom. Al Deffi Park is located between Al Andalus and Al Deffi Districts and just a few drive from Al Fanateer District which is the famous place in Al Jubayl.2013-12-12 12.29.09 2013-12-12 12.47.17

I arrived in Al Deffi Park at 1100H, it was a sunny yet cold morning with temperature at 16 degrees Celsius which is good for strolling in the park. The park has children’s playgrounds in different areas. As I see it, you can do camping, picnics, or just take a nap under the shades of the tree during lunch time or siesta. The good thing about is you will feel you are more closer to Mother Nature since you can hear the birds chirping, the trees whispering, and the fresh smell of air.2013-12-12 11.33.26 2013-12-12 11.33.45

At that time I visited Al Deffi Park, there were areas where they were still doing reconstruction. But even though it was not totally finished, it was a nice experience that somehow in the desert, you can be at peace with nature.2013-12-12 12.31.45 2013-12-12 12.44.28 2013-12-12 12.56.11

Seafood and Chinese Cuisine for Lunch

Since I’m in the Middle East so, most of the time, I am eating food in Mid-Eastern style. Then, one day I just had enough of it and I have thought what it tastes like a seafood and Chinese cuisine in the middle of the Eastern region of the Kingdomland. It is also a good idea to spend Chinese New Year by eating Chinese food.

There is this perfect restaurant near the coast of the Fanateer Beach. I was curious enough what the food tastes like since I’ve been wanting to try it but never got the chance to come and dine there. Then, that day came. I was standing just outside the restaurant looking on my wallet and have thought, would my money cover the food that I am going to eat there? But without hesitation, I went inside.IMG_2531It is actually a 3-story restaurant wherein the second floor is occupied by a Chinese Restaurant and the third floor is the Yacht Seafood Restaurant but you can order in both restaurants.IMG_2530Red Dragon is the name of the Chinese restaurant, I went inside. It was 30 minutes after twelve but the place is totally empty. I don’t know why but maybe people tend to choose the Yacht Seafood than the Red Dragon. Here are photos where I dined:2013-11-27 13.25.18 2013-11-27 13.33.11 2013-11-27 13.33.25And one more thing, the view outside is nice. Just a glance outside my window near my table is the Fanateer harbor overlooking the Persian Gulf.2013-11-27 13.25.32Then, the waiter came and took my order. I was scanning the menu making emphasis on the price of every dish since I am almost broke 😉 . After a minute, I ordered Prawn Wanton Soup for the soup and of course it wouldn’t be Chinese if you will not eat wanton or noodles, right.2013-11-27 13.25.12The soup was a bit salty but it was OK since I love my food well or much seasoned. Then, for the main dish, I chose Sichuan Beef Sirloin paired with Mix Fried Rice and Pineapple Juice.2013-11-27 13.33.372013-11-27 13.33.01The Mix Fried Rice was perfect. But, the Sichuan Beef Sirloin was a downturn since it was a little spicy for me so, I had to take more sips on my Pineapple juice.

The whole experience was fine and at long last, I can put a check mark on my things-to-do list. The chit came out also and I was relieved that I didn’t eat that much. I paid around SR145 (USD40).

Lovin’ the Sea Breeze at Fanateer Beach

I was looking on the window of my flat and I had come to realise that I never got the chance to enjoy my current location. Since Al Jubayl is a coastal province, why not enjoy, sit back and relax in the beach.

One foggy morning when winter season is just around the corner, I had the time to just walk around the coastal zone of Al Jubayl. For me to enjoy the view, I have thought of better doing it in Fanateer Beach. The climate was not so cold and warm but still foggy. I started to walk at 1100H while on hand my camera to take a shot on any scene that captures my attention. Walking thru the Fanateer Area is about 8 kilometres. But you won’t notice the time since along the footpath are restaurants and nice views of different buildings. It is also beneficial on my part since I haven’t gone to the gym recently, so it is a way for me to remove those toxins such as bad cholesterol in my system. At 1100H, I started at Fanateer Picnic Area.2013-11-27 11.18.022013-11-27 11.18.16 2013-11-27 11.19.34 2013-11-27 11.21.04Then I passed this docking area for yachts, boats, and ferries. Here, they are offering tourists and locals an attraction where you can get in one of the yachts and have a tour on the sea.2013-11-27 11.22.132013-11-27 11.23.28Few minutes after passing the docking area, the scenery changed. Now, I saw buildings and parks. One of those buildings is SABIC Headquarters. The SABIC building really got my attention since it was massive but not compared to other buildings and skyscrapers in Al Khobar though.2013-11-27 11.29.422013-11-27 11.32.28For 35 minutes of walking, I was already at a place where restaurants were everywhere but for me I resisted the urge to eat since I am not done yet traveling. Restaurants like Fuddruckers, Chilis, Sparkys, and some international restos. And here’s what I got.2013-11-27 11.36.40 2013-11-27 11.43.43 2013-11-27 11.49.12Then at exactly 1200H, I saw sands, I mean white sand. It was already the beach area where you can swim. There were huts for swimmers or picnickers. I sat there for 10 minutes and I just love the sea breeze.2013-11-27 11.50.27 2013-11-27 11.53.30 2013-11-27 12.14.26 2013-11-27 12.17.20 2013-11-27 12.20.18My attention was also caught by this view. Mosque and these pillars just made it more interesting to come there.2013-11-27 11.45.46 2013-11-27 12.01.11Well, to sum it up I walked for about an hour or two back and forth to Al Fanateer area. And what would be the best thing to do after fulfilling your eyes with great sight and your weary feet than to go to a fine dining restaurant to fulfill your tummy with mouth-watering food.