Series of Dates

I’ve been out and about these past few months. During those travels, I met this amazing person and I wanted to get to know more of this individual. I wanted to woo this human being so, I’m seeing this person and we always went out. We had series of dates and now, he is someone dear to my heart.

We’ve been exploring most of the restaurants in Canton, Ohio. It’s been our gastronomic adventure together to try the dishes in every business establishment serving food and drinks.

These are the restaurants we’ve dined in:
1. Table Six Kitchen + Bar

table six

Table Six Kitchen + Bar

It is a gastropub where they serve traditional, made-from-scratch comfort food which are perfect for sharing. They also offer wide array of drinks from cocktails to spirits, beers and wines. Table Six Kitchen + Bar is an independent restaurant group with four locations and every location has its own unique personality and tradition good of taste.

I ordered fish + chips that is craft beer battered cod with fresh cut fries, house slaw, tarter and Sriracha ketchup for appetizer. For entrée, I chose Teriyaki Salmon which is a pan seared, Teriyaki glazed, Verlasso salmon with Asian sesame stir fry and a meal won’t be a meal without dessert. I got warm molten brownie which is a chocolate lover’s heaven with warm brownie, Amy’s chocolate icing and vanilla ice cream. The whole dining experience in Table Six Kitchen + Bar was 4/5. Foods were delicious, ambience was good and a little crowded but the space was a little bit small and congested.


Fish + Chips


Teriyaki Salmon


Warm Molten Brownie

For menus and more information, check at or visit them at:
Table Six Kitchen + Bar
6113 Whipple Ave NW
North Canton, OH 44720
Phone No. 330-305-1666

2. Gervasi Vineyard Restaurant


Gervasi Vineyard Restaurant

Gervasi Vineyard Restaurant is a premier winery and vineyard located in Canton, Ohio that provides guests with fine dining experience. It offers a memorable destination for wine lovers, diners, families, businesses, and tourists. The restaurant is designed for adults seeking an affordable, fresh and romantic dining experience, for families seeking outdoor beauty, fun and great food, and corporate team for business meetings. Gervasi Vineyard Restaurant has among the best wine varieties in Ohio which are produced by wine experts and hand selected seasonally by local farmers.

We went to Crush House since Gervasi Vineyard has more than one dining options. I started the ball rolling with an appetizer of pork wings which were marinated and glazed with red wine vinegar, blue cheese emulsion, scallions and crumbled blue cheese paired with a glass of zin zin, a zinfandel wine. I got shrimp and sausage linguini with sauteed zucchini and squash with vodka sauce paired with a glass of velluto, a pinot noir wine for my entrée while he ordered crush house steak which was the chef’s entrée feature of the day. To end the night, we both chose chocolate crème brulee with blackberry and raspberry and cream for dessert. Dining experience in Gervasi Vineyard Restaurant was 5/5. Everything was perfect.


Pork Wings


Shrimp and Sausage Linguini


Crush House Steak


Chocolate Crème Brulee

For more information, visit their site at or visit them physically at:
Gervasi Vineyard Restaurant
1700 55th St NE
Canton, OH 44721
Phone No. 330-497-1000

3. Hog Heaven Open Blame BBQ

hog heaven

Hog Heaven Open Flame BBQ

It is a fun laid back atmosphere restaurant that provides southern BBQ meals  and cold beers. Not only that the Hog Heaven also tries to help the community by fundraising and scholarship through motorcycle runs.

We both ordered full rack barbeque ribs which is a famous St. Louis style ribs, tender and tasty that falls right off the bone, basted with Hog Heaven southern style barbeque sauce. I chose the macaroni and cheese and baked beans as the 2 sides. My gastronomic experience is at 4/5. We’ve dined in the restaurant for 3 times and ordered the same ribs but the food was inconsistent.


Full Rack BBQ Ribs with mac&cheese and baked beans

For additional information, check their site by clicking here or visit them at:
Hog Heaven
2730 Cleveland Avenue NW
Canton, OH 44709
Phone No. 330-458-0904

4. George’s Lounge


George’s Lounge

George’s Lounge has been a favored establishment since 1959. It’s the best place to gather with friends and enjoy local grass-fed gourmet burgers, fresh-cut fries, and more. It has the best environment with open and live music with wide selections of drinks from cola products to hard liquors.

It appears that the special person’s hangout place is the George’s Lounge and knows everything in the menu. I got their Gorgeous George burger which has double burger with bacon, sautéed onion and mushroom, egg, kamikaze sauce on egg bun. The whole dining experience was at 4/5. The food may not be as great as other restaurants I’ve been to but the environment is magnificent and the service is amazing.

To contact them, check the website here or travel to:
George’s Lounge
229 Cleveland Ave NW
Canton, OH 44702
Phone No. 330-452-0029

5. Boathouse BBQ


Boathouse BBQ of Marietta

It is one of my favorite restaurants in Marietta. When the special person visited me, we went to boathouse BBQ  and ordered grilled pork BBQ ribs. It was the best and I always chose that. It so happened that he loved it too. Dining experience is 3/5. Food is amazing but inconsistent, service is a little slow but ambience is great.

Visit them at Boathouse BBQ of Marietta at 218 Virginia St, Marietta, OH 45750 with phone no. 740-373-3006.

6. The Winking Lizard Tavern and Restaurant

winking lizard

The Winking Lizard Tavern and Restaurant

We had dinner at this restaurant and we both ordered grilled pork BBQ ribs with mac&cheese and steak fries for my side dishes. Dining experience is at 3/5. I’ve been tasting and ordering BBQ ribs in every restaurants I’ve been to and the Winking Lizard Tavern and Restaurant’s BBQ ribs somehow fails it.


Pork BBQ ribs with mac&cheese and steak fries

Check them at or visit them at this address:
The Winking Lizard Tavern and Restaurant
5710 Fulton Drive NW
Canton, OH 44718
Phone No. 330-497-1133

7. Scrambler Marie’s Restaurant


Scrambler Marie’s Restaurant

We also had breakfast in Scrambler Marie’s Breakfast Bistro. I picked the American breakfast since I have weakness for sunnyside up eggs. It was one of the best breakfast meals I had. Dining experience meter is at 5/5. It was perfect.


American Breakfast with Sausage, sunnyside up eggs, white toast, strawberry yogurt

For menus, check their website at or visit them at:
Scrambler Marie’s Restaurant at Canton-Belden Village Mall
4345 Belden Village Mall
Canton, OH 44718
Phone No. 330-493-4800

I’ll also add the list of restaurants I have dined in. I’ve been to food tasting and I’ve been reviewing them for the last year. Here are the list:

8. Ruby Tuesday


Ruby Tuesday


Pork BBQ Ribs with mac&cheese and baked potato with sour cream and butter

9. Applebee’s


Applebee’s Grill and Bar cr: Applebee’s


Shrimp and Parmesan Sirloin Steak medium well with mac&cheese and french fries

10. Lori’s Family Restaurant


Lori’s Family Restaurant cr: Tripadvisor


American Breakfast with sausage patties, hash puppies, white toast, sunnyside up eggs

11. Outback Steakhouse


Outback Steakhouse cr: Outback


Alice Spring’s Chicken with mac&cheese

12. Tlaquepaque Mexican Restaurant


Tlaquepaque Mexican Restaurant


Mar Y Tierra with cajun rice, shrimps and steak

If you love food like me and my boo, better start exploring the nearest restaurants and see which serves the best meal and dishes. What better to do that with your special someone dear to your heart and have a series of dates. I had my fair share done, now, it’s your turn. Bon appetit! 😉


IATA Code: CAK – Akron-Canton Regional Airport

International Air Transport Association (IATALocation Identifier uses a 3-letter code to identify locations of airports throughout the world.800px-Flag_of_the_United_States.svg

CAK or known as Akron-Canton Airport is a regional airport located in Ohio. It is a regional commercial airport in the city of Green which is southern area of Summit county. The airport is just off interstate 77, which is southeast of Akron and northwest of Canton thus, the name of the airport.

The airport has only two runways and yet it is one of the fastest growing airports in the Midwest. It only serves local or domestic flights bringing passengers to major hubs like O’Hare International Airport in Chicago to get connecting flights to international destinations.

I arrived in CAK at noon from driving almost an hour and a half from Caldwell. CAK has short and long term parking areas. I parked my  car in Long Term Parking ‘B’ lot since it will only charge me of US$48 for a weekly rate. If you want to check their rates, click here. I was trying to park my car and the airport’s shuttle bus was just right behind me to pick me up to bring me to the airport counter gates. It was really convenient because I don’t have to wait for the bus anymore. I got a yellow ticket from the shuttle bus driver and he said to keep it and to give it when I come back for the driver to drop me off where I left the car. That was so cool since a lot of times whenever I leave my vehicle on a big parking area, I always forget where I parked it. Funny but it happened to me almost all the time when I’m in Walmart Marietta ;).

I was then dropped off in Terminal Gate of the airport. I proceeded directly to the airline counter to get my boarding pass since I can’t do it using the kiosk. It was fast and I got my boarding pass in a jiffy.img_4934

I got spare time to wander around the airport’s departure area and got these.


Stores in CAK Airport while waiting for your flight


On my way to the boarding gate


CAK Airport



Waiting Area


Arbys and Great Lakes Brewery


Free Wi-Fi connection while waiting for boarding

I got to see the departure area of the airport and when I got back from my trip, I got the chance to take some photos in the arrival area.


Welcome sign


Baggage Pickup Area

CAK maybe considered a small regional airport but thru this airport, I got easy access to go and travel to other famous and big destinations within the country  and outside. The airport is for travelers like me who live closer to it. It only has few services and facilities offered but definitely beneficial to all flyers.

Anywhere in Ohio

Ohio is also known as the Buckeye State and it got its nickname because of the many buckeye trees that once covered its hills and plains. Ohio State may not be famous for tourist attractions compared to Washington, D.C or New York but it also offers different experiences. Some of those experiences are weird such as tourist spots within the cemetery or even a deserted tunnel. Here are the compilations of weird but amazing places I have visited anywhere in Ohio.

Y Bridge
The Y bridge which is in Zanesville is unique and only one like it in the world. The bridge spans the area where the rivers of Licking and Muskingum intersect. The Y bridge was rebuilt several years ago. It is used to be called as the National Road or US 40 and has made Zanesville, ‘the most recognizable city in the country’ as remarked by Amelia Earhart. It has been added to US National Register of Historic Places.

Y Bridge in Zanesville, OH cr google

Y Bridge in Zanesville, OH
cr google


By going to Putnam Hill Park, from this high vantage point, there is a fantastic view of the bridge and city that a picture is not worth to capture its beauty.12783624_10209039877704300_1201793538745497825_oSince I was already in Zanesville, so, I visited some other places within the city.IMG_309412772036_10209039889824603_6058003421999560618_o10848746_10209039888424568_7292249346349799077_oIMG_3114Additional facts: Zanesville is known to be the second capital of Ohio as what the historical marker states.

McKinley National Memorial
In Canton, Ohio, there is this famous memorial for a late president of the United States. The tomb of the late President William McKinley was built for more than 6 years. It resembles a giant beehive on top of a hill, and from the look of its size, nearly ten stories to the top. People might think that McKinley was one of the greatest Presidents ever. But according to historians, ‘that’s doubtful, but he had the serendipitous timing to die at the height of his popularity, and to be murdered by Leon Czolgosz, a thoroughly unlikable anarchist’.

20160316_105713As written,

William McKinley served the nation as president, the people of Ohio s governor, and the citizens of his congressional district as a representative. McKinley was shot by an assassin in Buffalo, NY in September 1901 and died several days later. The McKinley National Memorial, funded by children’s donations, was dedicated in 1907. It is the burial site of the 25th President. First Lady Ida Saxton McKinley, and the two daughters Designed by architect Harol Van Buren Magonigle, the pink Milford granite structure was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1975.’20160316_105610 20160316_110313 IMG_3187img_3191

Frankenstein’s Grave
Everyone knows about Dr. Frankenstein and here is a story I got for everybody. It is very interesting but this is what I’ve read why his grave is here in Canton, OH. In West Lawn Cemetery, it was always rumored to be the final resting place of Dr. Frankenstein. Rumor has it that a Timken family member in Germany wrote to his successful cousin in America and told him how the grave site of Victor Frankenstein was being defaced and spit upon in their small town. The American Timken and founder of Timken Roller Bearings paid for the remains of the body to be flown to Canton to give Dr. Frankenstein a peaceful resting place. That is the reason that the Frankenstein has a grave site in Ohio.

West Lawn Cemetery

West Lawn Cemetery


On my way to Section Z

On my way to Section Z

Frankenstein's Grave

Frankenstein’s Grave


Indeed interesting, right? But, it’s up to you if you believe it or not.

Senecaville Dam and Lake Park
Going further south near Cambridge is a village called Senecaville. Senecaville is famous for recreation and fishing enthusiasts due to Seneca Lake. Seneca Lake is actually a reservoir where a dam is located at the northwestern end of the lake. It is a man-made lake and has been a popular site for boating, swimming, camping, and picnicking and of course, fishing.

Senecaville Dam

Senecaville Dam


Seneca Lake Park

Seneca Lake Park


All I can say with the attractions I have visited were bizarre but definitely informative. I have never thought that a cemetery can be a tourist venue and some man-made buildings and infrastructure which appear unconventional can get so much attention from the public. With those trips I had, I can summarise it to:
-Zanesville – the second capital of Ohio
-Canton – the resting place of the 25th U.S President and the famous Frankenstein
-Senecaville – a dam turned to a popular lake for recreational site
Those are just the three locations (city, town and village) I have visited. There are still more to explore and that is anywhere in Ohio.

First Few Months in the US

I’ve been given the privilege to come to this nation and it is also one of the countries that I would love to visit but it turns out that I’ll be staying in this country for good and live a life.

My 2015 Countries That I Would Love to Visit List

My 2015 Countries That I Would Love to Visit List

The start of a new life seemed to be exciting. Exciting of having to explore the new things around you was overwhelming. Everything in front of me was all new and I could say that I’m in the Land of the Free.

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