Spending My Weary and Tired Body at Al Ghazal Hotel

During my 3-day Al Ahsa excursion, I stayed in Al Ghazal Hotel. Al Ghazal Hotel is situated right across Power Gym and Bank of Al Jazira in the corner streets in Al Faisaliah District. It has parking space for hotel guests but only limited.2014-03-21 12.52.23

Upon entering the hotel, you can see the lobby, the party room, the reception and the waiting area. It has a nice implication of details showing what Al Ahsa is abundant with. Since Al Ahsa is the Oasis of the Eastern Province, most of the date plantation can be found here. 2014-03-21 12.52.45 2014-03-21 12.52.52 2014-03-21 12.53.06 2014-03-21 12.53.14 2014-03-21 12.54.362014-03-21 12.53.18

The receptionist was good and nice. He speaks English and seldom smiles since most Saudis don’t smile. He gave me a room in just minutes and took my details briefly.

After I received my room key, I was shocked to see it. It was like a bronze medal. Then, I went to my room in the 4th floor at Room 4003.2014-03-20 18.46.41
When I entered the room, it was decent. I have queen sized bed, flat screen television, a small side table, a big closet, a vault, fridge and a big mirror. The standard room also has a toilet and a shower. Too bad, it doesn’t have a bathtub but it’s OK. To add some good point of the hotel, they also offered 24-hour wireless internet connection.2014-03-20 18.24.18 2014-03-20 18.24.34 2014-03-20 18.25.54 2014-03-20 18.37.352014-03-20 18.23.24 2014-03-20 18.23.18

I didn’t mention one thing. In every floor, there is also waiting area for hotel guests and in every wall, there are pictures showing how beautiful Al Ahsa is.2014-03-20 18.38.12 2014-03-21 11.35.33 2014-03-21 11.36.00

Al Ghazal Hotel has a restaurant in the first floor and offers 4 different cuisines only such as American, Indian, Arabic and Chinese. The prices vary widely but it is acceptable.2014-03-20 18.44.22 2014-03-21 11.43.03 2014-03-21 11.43.23

Those are the great points of the hotel but I also have few negative feedback. First of all, the things and furnitures were somewhat old. The restaurant is not well maintained. But this is the first time I didn’t see hair strands in the toilet coz most of the time I see those.

To sum it up, my stay in Al Ghazal Hotel just relieved my weary and tired body.


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