Proudly a HI Member in Toronto

I’ve been traveling a lot this year and I’ve been patronising one specific hostel that every place I visited, I stayed in the same hostel. I have never thought that one day, I will be a member of the Hostelling International community since most of my trips I’ve been staying with them. When I was in Washington, D.C and Chicago, I stayed with them and just recently, I was in Toronto and I picked them up as a place to check-in for 3 nights. Luckily, I saved almost CA$50 upon being a member so, I can say that at long last after 3 HI affiliates I’ve checked in, I am proudly a HI member.

Hostelling International is a network of hostels around the world. It offers great deals to travelers, students or even big family since they have wide selections of accommodations from private rooms to dorm bed for the night with shared facilities. In addition to that, being a HI member, members can get 10% discount on their overnight bookings. But they’re so much more than a bed they offer to members, there is also a whole range of great deals and offers through their partnerships worldwide. As a HI member, you can get discounted tickets from museums and tours, to adventure activities and national parks, while enjoying the benefits of the real hostelling experience. I have never realised that until I got to Toronto when I tried to purchase a day tour but it was expensive so, I became a member and saved almost 20% of the tour package.

HI Toronto: The Cavern

I was welcomed by Chantelle who is the front desk during my check-in since I arrived in HI at around 2100H. It was fast and it took about less than 10 mins. Upon checking-in, every guest will get a breakfast voucher for 50% discount on the first day and if you are a HI member, you will get another discount for drinks during the first night in the bar. They also provide free wi-fi connection and they will hand the password once you get your card key along with clean towel if you ask for it.

Waiting Lounge

Calendar of Events


Reading Area near the Computers and TV

Before a guest can get to the dining area and rooms, each guest should have with them their card keys to access and open the secured door, thus, making it more safe for travelers to stay in. Safety and security are the assets of every HI hostels.


Dining Area near the elevator

Once you get in, the elevator needs also the card key for you to get to your floor. If you don’t have any access card, you can’t even press the number on the elevator.


Elevator Floors

I was in 4th floor, room 402 to be exact. In 4th floor, it has the laundry rooms and common washrooms which is way better for easy accessibility.


4th Floor Washroom

I got inside the room with the use of my keycard. I took a photo during the morning since most of my roommates were asleep. In the morning, this is the view of the room after most of them left to tour the city. It is a dorm type accommodation with 5 double decks. Good thing, I was assigned to the lower deck since I don’t like climbing the upper deck of the bed.


Dorm typed room with 5 double decks

The room was jam packed. The guest who slept on the upper deck of the bed was friendly. He is from England and we talked about travels which is the main reason why I am staying in a hostel rather than in a hotel because thru hostels, I can meet a lot of people and talk to them about their travel experiences. I, then, proceeded to the patio to see the view.



Too bad it was raining that time. So, I just went down and out to explore the city.

Hostelling International Toronto: The Cavern is a really good and safe hostel located in the heart of downtown Toronto. It is just 5-minute walk from Union Station and few miles away to tourist attractions in the city such as the Hockey Hall of Fame, Eaton Shopping Centre, CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, St. Lawrence Market and more. If I’ll come back in Toronto, for sure, I’ll be staying there again since I can get better rates for being a HI member and advantages of staying in a hostel.

If you want to check HI: Toronto, The Cavern, visit their site by clicking here. It is located in 76 Church St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Back in Hostelling International 

I’m back in Hostelling International but this time, it is in another city. It was Hostelling International in Chicago. It is located in 24 East Congress Parkway, Chicago, IL 60605 with contact details by calling their telephone number: 312-360-0300 or check their website at But I usually do all my hotel reservations via since I got really good discounts for being a Genius member. Continue reading

Affordable Place to Stay in Washington, D.C.

Washington DC is one of the most expensive cities in the United States of America. It happened also that this is the capital of the country and where the President resides. Most of the big government offices are here as well as embassies of different nations. There are more in Washington DC that meets the eye. You can find amazing old and great architectural design buildings, famous tourist attractions and memorial halls, popular and delectable restaurants serving international food cuisine, long avenues and streets of embassies, shopping centres and churches, and many more. With all those mentioned, those might be the reasons why Washington DC is on the top list of expensive cities in the US. Looking for an affordable place to stay is like looking for a needle on a haystack but with the help of, I found one.

I found this group hostel which has networks of hostels all over the world. The group of hostels is called Hostelling International and it happened to have a branch in Washington DC. I booked for 2 nights and 3 days. It was unbelievable when I got the quote because most of the hotels, apartments, hostels and inns gave me prices which range from US$150 to US$250 and up. On the other hand, Hostelling International – Washington DC offered me a whooping US$66 for 2 nights. So without second thoughts, I clicked the ‘Book Now’ button.img44114-USA-NA-logo

Hostelling International Washington DC 1009 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001 (202) 737-2333

Hostelling International Washington DC
1009 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
(202) 737-2333

Hostelling International – Washington DC is located in the heart of Washington DC and it offers free wi-fi access. The hostel has dormitory style and is equipped with locker, lamp and a shared bathroom. A stay-in guest can access the hostel’s common room, TV room, game room, computers, laundry, library, and self-service kitchen.

Common Room

Common Room

Computers For Use

Computers For Use

TV Room

TV Room

They also offer free breakfast and they have a weekly schedule of activities such as night tours, museum tours, and  other social events. A guest only needs to write his name to take advantage of it. The list is just pinned on the wall infront of the reception table.



Backdoor alfresco

Backdoor alfresco

Hostelling International DC has different type of rooms but most of those are dormitory style like 4-, 8- and 10-bed either mixed/co-ed, male or female dormitories. They also have double rooms. All rooms are air-conditioned, with pillows, blanket, overhead lamp, lockers and towel.

10-bed Dormitory

10-bed Dormitory

Every floor has a shared toilet and is accessible by one elevator. On second floor, every visitor can have their free continental breakfast and have time to play billiards.

Shared bathroom and toilet

Shared bathroom and toilet with soap and shampoo



With Hostelling International DC, the guest can have fun and make friends with other guests. There is this map to show where most of the travelers came from.

The Map

The Map

As a summary, location wise, it is perfect. With price, it is also perfect. With facilities, it is way more perfect. With services, it is great in hostel level. That means that Hostelling International Washington DC is one of the best hostels I’ve stayed. If you want to contact them, just call the number posted above.

Infront of the hostel

Infront of the hostel

Out-of-State Travel

Traveling interstate for me is difficult for many reasons:
1st, I just got into driving recently and I’m not that confident to drive to other state;
2nd, Routes and unfamiliar roads make me more nervous;
and lastly, Different type of drivers gather in one road and I’m one of the reckless category.

So, I ended up getting into a bus for my trip from Cambridge, OH to Washington DC. I’ve searched thru the net on what buses have routes going to the capital of the country. I found the Greyhound Line, Inc and purchased a round trip ticket. The ticket costs about $166 but if I have purchased it more earlier, it would have cost lesser. Check their site, here. Continue reading