AirAsia ASEAN Pass Review

This is my review entry of my recent ASEAN trip using the AirAsia ASEAN Pass. It has been launched way back 2014. Before I left for the United States, I was eyeing to do an ASEAN tour and has been very interested to use the pass. I’ve been reading a lot of reviews and most of them were negatives so, I am making my own review based on the experiences I had.

AirAsia ASEAN Pass has two different kind of passes, the 10- and 20-credit passes. I bought the AirASEAN Pass for 10 credits costing USD160. Once I purchased the pass, it is valid for 1 year from the date I bought it or 30 days from the day I made my first redemption and 60 days for the 20-credit pass. Since I’ve been to Thailand, VietNam and Cambodia, the choices of countries to visit are cut in half. Thus, making it easier for me to decide since I also have a list of nation that I would love to see. I chose to visit Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore for these reasons;


Closer image of Petronas Twin Towers

Malaysia – due to the fact that it is the centerpoint of every flight and also the main hub for AirAsia. So, I can get really good flights spending only 1 credit.


Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Indonesia – for the main reason that my cousin wants to visit the famous tourist attraction, Bali, and;


Merlion Park

Singapore – because I’ve been wanting to visit this place when I was still working back in the Philippines as a customer service representative.

This is how I allotted my credits to travel those countries.klI flew from Manila to Kuala Lumpur via different airlines since I got a really good deal with Cebu Pacific Air. Once I got to Kuala Lumpur, I spent my 3 credits to get to Bali then 3 credits to Singapore and the last 3 credits back to Cebu, making a total of 9 credits. I just made sure to check my flights early so I can have more choices to choose from. Seats are really limited so the earlier the booking, the better. After I chose my flights, I just pinned my bought credits to the chosen time and date of my flight and it’s automatically booked. The sad thing about it is the credits only pays the airfare so, other fees like travel tax, airline tax and airport fees are not included and it’ll be out of pocket expenses. But those fees are not that expensive.


I still have 1 credit for AirAsia ASEAN Pass.

As as summary, the pass is really great if you plan your trip ahead of time like 2-3 months. If you’re flexible with changing itineraries, your budget, your accommodation or places to stay then, you can save and have fun traveling the ASEAN countries. It is all about planning. So for my AirAsia ASEAN pass review, it was worth it and I got to save some money while having the trip of my life. Instead of spending those hard earned cash to airline fares and transportation, I got to spend it to tours, souvenirs, foods and etc. and of course, I got to take a photo of these picturesque places.

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Help Us Rebuild Bohol

Bohol is known as one of the tourist attractions in the Philippines with its pristine white sand beaches, centuries-old cultural heritage churches, natural wonder Chocolate Hills and its amazing and friendly people.

Then , it suddenly changed when a 7.2 magnitude, intensity VII earthquake struck the whole island of Bohol on October 15, 2013 at 0812H, leaving a devastating view of what it used to be before.

Greatly affected of the earthquake were the early colonial Spanish period established Roman Catholic churches. One of those is the famous and most visited Baclayon Church or the Church of our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. It is one of the National Cultural Treasures of the country. Baclayon Church is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, built on 1595 by Jesuit missionaries. Look at Baclayon Church before, standing proud for 418 years.207662_10150148863444667_4217179_n 206398_10150148866499667_5097376_n 215825_10150148866374667_7102704_nBut now, it has been damaged. The facade and the belfry of the church have been turned to a pile of rubble.BWlYU65CcAAAvI4

Famous for the river cruise is the town , Loboc. With pride, Loboc has the second oldest church in the province of Bohol. Loboc Church or the Church of San Pedro was originally built on 1602 but was reconstructed in 1638 after it sustained fire and was reduced to ashes. When you pass by Loboc, you can’t just ignore the amazing view of this church.loboc church1Then the day came were we won’t be able to see this amazing view. The facade of the church fell down along with the centre of the structure leaving it into halves.BWlMyrJCIAAp1dL

The biggest church in Bohol can be found in Loon. Loon Church or Church of Our Lady of Light has been standing for 260 years. Built in 1753 by Augustinian Recollects and was reconstructed fifty years later.loon-church-bohol2I’ve been seeing this for 26 years of life. I feel relieved once I see the church when I pass by. There is something in this church that let me feel at ease and I couldn’t explain it. But after the earthquake, this view I will be seeing only on postcards and pictures on the net.??????????????????????

Next to the town of  Loon is Maribojoc. Maribojoc has also kept a treasure and that is their church. Maribojoc Church or Santa Cruz Parish has been established for 215 years. It was constructed on year 1798 and lasted for 18 years to complete the church. I visited this church when I had my Visita Iglesia during Holy Week. I always see this church whenever I go to the city,maribojocchurchYet another reason for me to weep to tears is I can see this no more. After the M7.2 quake, the church has turned into dust and stones. Even though it was crumbled to pieces, it sent a message to everyone that there is still hope and God will always be with us. Miraculously, the image of Mother Mary was left untouched and undamaged to consider that the image was inside the church.maribojoc

Loay which is located  near Loboc has also been affected. The parish of Santissima Trinidad which was founded on 1815 is one of the most devastated houses of God.loay1384381_1422865447929157_559362416_n

Other churches that have been damaged or destroyed were Tagbilaran City, Calape, Tubigon, Inabanga, and a lot to mention. These churches were not just ordinary churches but these were founded way back 1700s-1800s. Our churches may have been down and shaken but not our faith.

Not only churches were damaged, also the popular tourist destination and the reason people keep on coming to Bohol, the Chocolate Hills.215832_10150163137679667_3351431_n20131016_bohol_chochills-ht

National highways have been destroyed too, as well as bridges have been cut-off that made it more hard to travel and send relief goods. Many areas have been isolated and the people are crying out loud for help. Many are homeless, hungry and thirsty. The towns most affected are running out of the basic necessities most especially food, drinking water, shelter, clothes, and medicines.

Please help us. We badly need your help. We are knocking into your hearts to please help us rebuild Bohol. Let’s put aside our differences and stand side by side to help those in need.

You may send your donations for immediate relief services such as food, drinking water, clothing and medicines to:

Metrobank-Tagbilaran Branch
Account Name: Social Action Center- Diocese of Tagbilaran
Account Number: 712-3-712-04324-6 branch Tagbilaran

Donations for Rehabilitation and Restoration of Churches, you can send it to:

Metrobank Account Name: The Roman Catholic Bishop of Tagbilaran
Account Number: 123-3-123-51030-6

A plate of rice is more than enough to put a smile on a child’s innocent face.1385565_677695092255644_523770765_n

Photo credit to and all netizens.

For more photos of the earthquake in Bohol, visit Bangon Bohol page in Facebook.

Here is Awit Sa Bohol.

It’s Getting Into My Nerves

I needed a month of R&R (rest and relaxation) but in the end, I’ve got a message that tells me that my certification is up for renewal. For the renewal, I need to submit updated validation and verification from different organizations and offices. I also need to sit on an examination. So, basically it turned my one month needed vacation into a spree of running errands, getting those updated forms, a week of self-review for my test.

I’ve been working for almost straight 2 years and I’ve got no other choice but to finish these tasks. With this kind of weather in the Philippines, I would have gone to the beach, basking on the sun, getting tan, drinking booze, meeting other people, dining out, but what I am doing right now is sickening me and it is getting into my nerves. I am just staying at home, writing this post as my frustrations grow bigger and bigger. Currently, I am listening to audios (conversations of native English speakers), reading passages, trying to interpret a graph, and of course, I’ve been doing monologues. I’ve been talking to myself in preparation for my examination. Now, you got a hint what kind of test I’ll be going to take. Yes, it is. It is indeed, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Exam.

It has been a long time that I didn’t get myself assessed with any examinations for the last 2 years since I’ve been busy taking care of other thing else. Even though, I love to write but I still find it the hardest thing to do. Conversing in a second language which is English is still uncomfortable for me. This is the reason that I can’t just disregard this examination, I need to make preparation since I am not a native English speaker and my English communication skills is not polished enough.

In addition to that, taking the IELTS exam costs PhP8,986 wherein you can’t close your eyes after shelling out that amount of money. And wait there is more since the location for the said exam will be in Cebu City, so, I still need to find a place to stay which I will need another bucks to handle that matter.SAM_0002

——2 weeks after——

I already took the IELTS examination on the second week of May which was held in SME Training Centre in Cebu. For the location, you can visit this site. With a place to crash, I made a reservation in Cebu Parklane International Hotel since they were offering a Summer Blast promo for PhP2,800 for a night. If you want to try their Summery Splurge Splendid Promotional Offer, you can visit their site, here. The entire IELTS test experience was nerve-wracking but I got to enjoy it since I can unwind and de-stress with the hotel facilities that I stayed in.SAM_0025Two-bedroom with one extra bedSAM_0026Study Table, television, lamp, and the windowSAM_0031Cebu City view outside my hotel room windowSAM_0033the toiletSAM_0035the bathtub

As a conclusion, all I can say is Whooahh. It surely made my vacation penniless. Now, I’m broke, free and just waiting for the result that will be released within 13 days from the written test date. With the result, you can access it online as well as apply for the exam by clicking here, just make sure to choose the right country that you will take the test.

Life On The Road

I have created this blogsite last October 2010 but just recently posted my adventures I had when I was exploring the Philippines. I have been on the road for quite some time from January of 2011 to mid-2012 and just had the time to write my experiences I had for me to share. I’ve been discovering, having a great time wandering, trying new stuff and it all happened within my homeland, THE PHILIPPINES.

Most of my time have been spent waiting on queues, on the road, waiting for schedules or flights but I never had regrets even though those were considered a dead time. Instead, I went out, opened my backpack, and pointed the lenses of my bloggie/ digital camera and took images.

Even though, I have spent all my savings I had in my bank account or wallet but the memories I have during my trips were priceless. I may have traveled to different provinces alone but I got to meet new faces, had friendly conversations, and learnt how they live their lives as locals.

Here are the images I captured during the days when my life was mostly spent on the road.

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Browsing Bohol III: Tubigon

I  just recovered from a week home confinement due to flu and here I am writing another post of my travels. I am not really a writer but I love to write about things that I am passionate about cause it gives me relief from stress and provides me a whole new world away from reality.

Few weeks ago, I wrote an article about my childhood town, Calape. Right next to it is the town of Tubigon and I always visit this town since one of my aunts live here. I only took less photos cause I was thinking that I can always come back whenever I wanted to but now that I’m out of Bohol, I felt sad when I reminisce the past and no pictures to glance to when you feel homesickness.

At times when I was still in Bohol, I thought that Tubigon will be the next city in the province for it is also a busy town since it has its own port. Ships come and go every hour from and to Cebu City from fast crafts to ordinary sea vessels. Fast crafts such as SeaJet, Starcraft, and Lite Express travel from/ to Cebu every hour or two in interval and take about 45mins to an hour trip while ordinary sea vessels like Jadestar and Lite Shipping takes two or more hours ride.

Traveling from Cebu City to Bohol via Tubigon is more economical compared to a boat trip directly to Tagbilaran City. You can get a ride for PhP200 rather than getting the CEB-TAG for PhP800 if you are not taking advantage of the boat’s travel package.

Tubigon is also different from other town, it’s like a gateway from neighboring islands. The church is also amazing to look at. Tubigon might not be attached to any tourist destinations in the province but the name of the town is famous if you wanna see Bohol in a tight budget. People prefer to get the CEB-TUB route for it’s affordable and they can also see a quarter of Bohol if they wanna go to the city.


Due to the earthquake which struck Bohol last October 15, 2013, the church of Tubigon was destroyed and lost its façade and other structures in the church complex. It is still waiting for reconstruction under the aid of National Cultural Heritage Act.

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Festivities in the Philippines: Sinulog 2011

Each year, we always make sure not to skip one Sinulog festival and to always visit the Holy Child in Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño.

Sinulog is held every third Sunday of January to celebrate and honor Sr. Sto. Niño. It is held in different provinces in the Philippines but I always witnessed the festivities only here in Cebu City.During Sinulog, a lot of activities, programmes, contests, parades, prayer vigils, novenas, etc has been arranged.Streets were filled with devotees and tourists, locals and foreigners alike. For us devotees of Sr. Sto. Niño, it will not be a complete experience if we won’t be able to see and kiss Him. That’s why there is always a long queue during this time.

Streets were also blocked due to street parties and parades. Malls were opened til midnight. Bars were jam packed. Everyone in Cebu City is alive during nighttime.

But, even though they have these activities, the main reason that I and my mom visit every Sinulog is to pray to the Holy Child.

I may not have been able to witness and visit Sr. Sto. Niño last 2012 and this year but I always pray to Him for guidance and thank Him for all the blessings I and my family received.

Not to worry, few more months and I’ll be seeing you in a while, Sr. Sto. Niño. I promise!