Out-of-State Travel

Traveling interstate for me is difficult for many reasons:
1st, I just got into driving recently and I’m not that confident to drive to other state;
2nd, Routes and unfamiliar roads make me more nervous;
and lastly, Different type of drivers gather in one road and I’m one of the reckless category.

So, I ended up getting into a bus for my trip from Cambridge, OH to Washington DC. I’ve searched thru the net on what buses have routes going to the capital of the country. I found the Greyhound Line, Inc and purchased a round trip ticket. The ticket costs about $166 but if I have purchased it more earlier, it would have cost lesser. Check their site, here.

The day of my out-of-state travel commenced. I started the journey in Cambridge, OH with pick-up time at 1250H. I was an hour early as scheduled because that is what the instruction that was given on their webpage. Then, I found out the only problem in Cambridge, OH is, there is no bus station or even ticket outlet so, better to print out tickets when purchased online before going to the bus stop point which is in Sheetz in Southgate Parkway.

Sheetz 2101 Southgate Pkwy, Cambridge, OH 43725

2101 Southgate Pkwy, Cambridge, OH 43725

I called their Customer Service, telling me that it is OK to board the bus with just the confirmation message I received from them and have my ticket printed out in the next bus station which was in Pittsburgh, PA. The bus came in late about 1315H but not to worry for the driver just let me get into the bus with my confirmation message. The route passed through Wheeling, WV and had a quick stop just to unload 1 passenger. As what I have seen in Wheeling, it is a small city with buildings old and new. The streets were narrow and the city looked ancient to me but the bridge was captivating.

Wheeling Suspension Bridge cr: bmwbmw

Wheeling Suspension Bridge
cr: bmwbmw

After our quick stop in Wheeling, WV, we went to our next bus stop which was already in Pittsburgh, PA. When we got out of the tunnel road, the city just exploded with brilliance. Skyscrapers, big roads, and the Ohio river were very attractive. I got to see the Point State Park. The bus arrived at 1415H in Pittsburgh and I needed to change buses from Bus1679 to Bus4440 which will depart at 1445H. I ran all the way to the ticketing office only to find out that they can’t access my booking details. The ticketing officer Brandon then, had advised me to go to the customer service for they might be able to pull up my booking details for them to print out my tickets. It took them almost 30mins to figure it out and that includes the queue time, too. Good thing they held the bus and with Brandon’s assistance, I got the ticket by just filling out the form they handed to me. It was a sudden speed bump and if ever I wasn’t able to get into that bus, I would have been lost and don’t know what to do and probably stranded in Pennsylvania. The bus from Pittsburgh, PA going to Washington DC left the terminal 10 mins late as scheduled, all because of me but I was relieved when my foot stepped in to that bus.

Fort Duquesne Bridge in Pittsburgh, PA

PNC Park

PNC Park

Point State Park

Point State Park

Point State Park with Allegheny River

Point State Park with Allegheny River

As the trip goes longer and deeper, the scenery changed. When we were in Maryland, the color of the leaves were turning already from green to red and others were yellow and orange. It was nice to look at. The bus stopped in Morgantown, WV at a big university which is WVU (West Virginia University). It was also a short stop for a smoking break.

West Virginia University in Morgantown

West Virginia University in Morgantown

Morgantown, WV

Morgantown, WV

Morgantown, WV

Morgantown, WV

Then, we traveled the road going to Maryland. The sun was setting down when we got to a stop to grab some food. It was in Grantsville, MD in a Pilot gas station. After 20 mins, the bus left to go to Baltimore, MD passing thru Frederick.

It was already dark when we arrived in Baltimore. It was about 2200H. Then, there were only 4 passengers left in the bus heading to Washington DC since other passengers were going to Richmond, VA. It was pitch black driving on the road since streets and roads in the US don’t have road lights or street lamps. About an hour after, we got to Silver Spring, MD and the darkness just suddenly turned into a festival of lights. I saw a lot of people walking on streets. The journey continued til I reached Union Station in Washington DC. Finally, we’ve arrived in DC at 2330H since the bus driver doesn’t know the route, too. So, one passenger from Virginia helped her out which street to take. When I stepped out of the bus, I found out that the woman who was helping the bus driver was a Filipino and she used to live in Cebu so we spoke the same language. Since it was my first time to get to DC, I told her that I’ll follow her til going out and then she just asked me the sacred phrase, ‘do you need help?’ I said, I’m fine. I know where I’m going and I can just walk from Union Station to the hostel and she told me that it is unsafe to walk in the middle of the night so she offered me a lift and drove me all the way to my hostel. I was really grateful to have met her even though I didn’t get her name. I know it is impossible for her to read my blog but if ever she stumbled into my page, I want to say I am so thankful for your help.

I arrived in my hostel that I’ll be staying in Washington DC safely. Then, I called it a day and took a snooze.

Hostelling International Washington DC 1009 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001 (202) 737-2333

Hostelling International Washington DC
1009 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
(202) 737-2333

The whole trip was exhausting but it  was memorable. I got to see a lot of places, meet new people, and enjoy the whole out-of-state travel.


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