Fireman’s Festival

Every country has festivals to celebrate. It so happened that I just stumbled into one of those in a town of Caldwell. Oops, wait, everyone might think what place is he talking about or where is it at. Well, let me give you some points where Caldwell is. Caldwell is a small town in the state of Ohio in the United States. When I say small town, it means it is small. It is located in Southeastern part of Ohio. There is nothing really going on here but during festivals, people flock on streets to enjoy the activities. Of course, who doesn’t love festivals and having fun.

Festivals are celebrated because of one main reason, to commemorate or to give thanks. In Caldwell, they were celebrating Fireman’s Festival for 3 days from July 23 to 25. They were doing those to honor the volunteers who work as firemen in this town and the county since it doesn’t have regular paid firemen. It is a way of giving thanks to the people who have contributed their lives to work, save and protect the town and county folks. Not only that, these people have been doing this for free. Of course, you know that I said volunteers.

They started closing the big square as what they called it which is where most of the establishments are located or basically the centre of the town. They built up rides, food stalls, and most activities are held there. On the first day, there was a short parade. Nothing really special, only that people have been very busy putting up rides and food stalls.fire05 fire07 fire06 While on the second day, I spent my whole afternoon looking what they have to offer and it was also my first festival to be engaged with. It’s my first time to see a lot of people in a small community. But I enjoyed it.fire01 fire02 fire03 fire04 fire08 fire09 fire12 fire13fire11

They have fun run, too.

They have fun run, too.

On the third and last day, they had a very long parade with fire trucks from all towns and cities within Noble county. It took about an hour for the parade to end. Then, I bought and tried one of the foods they were serving. I tasted Bahama Mama and it was OK. Everything was nice. Everyone was happy and got a smile in their face.fire01 fire02 fire03 fire04 fire05 fire06 fire07 fire08 fire09With what I have experienced on that Fireman’s Festival, I am looking forward to it for next year and I am so grateful that there are still those people who are all willing to serve mankind for the good for no fee. All hail and I salute them!

Today, we commemorate also 9/11. The terrorist attack that happened in the United  States wherein a lot of lives had lost and it will always be part of American history and the world. Keep safe everyone!


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