A New Beginning Has Come Forth

Lately, I’ve been troubled on what I’ll do with my life. I’ve got a lot of plans in my head but somehow also feared for what consequences I’ll get in taking those decisions. But as a freewill individual, I have the idea that those decisions that I’ll be making are uncertain but on the other note of it, I will learn.

First, I used to plan to have a life on the go. At that time, I have decided to do some backpacking trips in Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. But due to some restricting rules in one of the countries I have mentioned, I made revisions and that route is to go to Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei instead. Later, it has changed again. It was then when I was just staring blankly on the four walls of my living room and I concluded to going more farther, thus, I got an Armenian visa. Few months before my tentative date of my trip, an emergency suddenly came that needed my utmost attention thereby delaying all of my plans. It was a situation that could shape my future. I’ve waited for years for this opportunity to come. So, I went out to new places to think and then lingered more days at home, waiting patiently for it to be finalised. As I was devoured in complete darkness of uncertainties and no back up plans, a light sparkled amidst and then I saw the great path. A new beginning has come forth to my door.

The backpacking trip to ASEAN countries was already out of the plan and thus, I did a backpacking trip in the Philippines instead. Before I used to have this Armenian visa but now, I’ll just have to keep it unused then. It was really a big deal for this new beginning of my life. If you haven’t known, I’ve waited for this to come for almost 7 years. The genesis of my new life will start once I board in to the plane with the luggage fit for years to come. It will be a new country to explore but this country will offer way better than the nation I used to work with.

My application started last 2008 when I passed all the licensure examinations needed. On 2009, I got an agent and an employer who will help me process all the paperwork. On 2010, I was getting all the documents ready to be submitted. On 2011, I got my application submitted. Since it was a long wait, my agent told me to apply for a job while waiting for the long process of my application. For about 3 years I’ve waited and just this 2014, I got a reply from the agent and the country that I applied that they were accepting and processing my application. This year 2015, I made appearance and have been interviewed by a consul officer regarding my application. It was a bit in a hurry because there were big changes that they were trying to implement, so, for me not to be affected by the changes, I had to expedite my interview schedule a month early. Even though I re-scheduled the interview, the consul officer told me a very bad news. He gave me a ‘NOT NOW’ verdict due to limited availability of visa. I was saddened and depressed since I’ve waited for this for too long, I’ve resigned from my previous job, and got no other plans to follow. I was just staying at home feeling low and no direction in life. Then one day, a package was delivered.

A miracle happened. As I opened the package, I saw my passport stamped with the visa that I was praying to get. It happened during the days I least expected. I leapt out of joy and called my mum. I told my agent and my employer that I got the visa and they were happy for me, too. Few days, I got my flight details and I had to set my mind that I’m leaving my family again.

My Flight Details and Passport

My Flight Details and Passport

The day came for my flight to enter the new journey that I have to overcome. I bid farewell to my family, relatives and closest friends. Then, I boarded the plane that’ll take me to this new land of opportunities. It took about 28 hours of layovers, changing planes, waiting in boarding gates but all those were keeping my hands and feet sweaty. I don’t know what I was feeling. I felt a little bit excited yet missing home. I felt I am about to throw up, well, I can’t understand it at all. After the grueling almost 2 days of travel, finally, I got to my destination.

I passed 4 different airports just to get here. It was exhausting but when I got off the plane and took my first step on the US soil, everything I’ve been through paid off. I was all smile even though I am uncertain what my life will be here in this new land. I just kept myself optimist and I have thought that God will guide me all the way.

Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass

Customs and Border Protection form

Customs and Border Protection form

As I was on my way to my new home, everything flashed back from the days I’ve cried, burnt candles to pass my exams, paid dollars to get eligibility, worked my ass out to get experience to waiting for almost a decade. Now, I’m in the Land of the Free or the Land of Milk and Honey and a new beginning has come forth to my door.1


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