A Quick Rest At Bright Lotus Guesthouse

I didn’t see it coming. I was in Saigon and it turned out that I need to leave a day earlier. I got no place to stay since the reservation I had with another hotel was good for the next day. I tried to inform them ahead of time that I’ll be arriving in Phnom Penh a day early but they were fully booked. I got no clue where to stay, then, I realised to just check any available rooms for a day thru Booking.com which I downloaded on my phone. It sure was handy and helpful. I found out a guesthouse called Bright Lotus Guesthouse which is just infront of National Museum of Cambodia. So, I took the advantage since it was just for $22 per day rather than being homeless when I arrived in Phnom Penh. It was a quick rest at Bright Lotus Guesthouse.

I arrived in Phnom Penh from Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City at exactly 1630H. I hired a tuktuk and I met Mr. Peter who soon to be my tuktuk driver for my tour in Phnom Penh. Bright Lotus Guesthouse is somehow famous since it is located near to almost all tourist attractions in the city.IMG_1192

When I got there, it was simple, just like any typical guesthouse looks. The check-in procedure was fast yet the receptionist was a little bit unwelcoming. Her face doesn’t show any sort of delight to welcome us. She just asked me for my passport and I told her that I will pay the due right away. She handed me back my passport and gave me the door key along with a television remote control and an AC controller.

When I headed to my room which is in the third floor, Room 309, I was thinking, is there any lift for me to get there but it appeared that it is impossible. The guesthouse is too small to have a lift. Instead, I went through the stairs. It was horrible. The stairway was small and steep and I have to carry my bags to the third floor without assistance at all. I just sighed and said it’s ok I will be staying here for just a day and I went upstairs.

I was gasping for air when I reached the third floor but to my surprise, I was amazed with the view I got just outside of my window. I had a balcony and a perfect scenery of the National Museum. I got inside the room and had a room check. It was clean, a little modern with free toiletries, towel and of course wi-fi connection. It also has a cable television, a fridge and an electric percolator.20141113_171450 20141113_171514

the balcony

the balcony

cable TV

cable TV

National Museum of Cambodia at sunrise

National Museum of Cambodia at sunrise

Sisowath Quay with restaurants

Sisowath Quay with restaurants

Near the guesthouse are restaurants, pharmacy and cafes. It is also near to National Museum of Cambodia, just 5-10 minutes walk. Just few blocks are the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda and to the other side is the Sisowath Quay, the great view of the Tonle Sap Lake. Location wise, the guesthouse is perfect. They also gave me handouts for bus schedules with corresponding prices.busbus1

Here is the address. Check them out, too, thru Booking.com.

Bright Lotus Guesthouse
No. 22E0, Street 178, Sangkat Chay Chomnas, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
+85512676682bright lotusbright lotus1


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