Bucket List 2: 2014

A new year has come uhm well, basically it means to start a new life. New beginnings for a better year to start. The year 2014 is a year of the Wooden Horse per Chinese people. Chinese do usually read your fate by checking your birth year or Chinese zodiac if it is compatible with the current year. I was born in the year of the Ox and I haven’t checked if it matches with the zodiac, Horse. I am not Chinese but it is common for us to check it just to know if it is a good year or a bad year to do some business or other stuff. Yet, it only gives an idea but it really depends on how you work to achieve your goals for this year.

I was thinking on what to do with my life this year since I want it to be meaningful. Last year, I wrote a bucket list but out of 10, I only achieved 6. Not bad. Since, this year is my last year in the Kingdom. I am planning to do some wild things. I was scanning thru the net and found these.


I laughed and said to myself, how about if I do these. On the other side of my head says, no way. This is not your land, I might be penalised at a cost of my life. It is definitely a suicidal thing to do.

At the end of 3 days of thinking what would be on my bucket list, I have decided to keep in mind the quotes that encouraged me to live a life so meaningful. So, instead of a to-do things list, I will just follow and be motivated with these famous quotes.





3 thoughts on “Bucket List 2: 2014

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