Online Shopping Has Never Been This Good

Just months after I arrived in the Middle East and after I received my first month salary, I decided to treat myself with something new. I went to department stores in the city and had my groceries good for a month. I went to different stalls in the mall for new clothes, shoes, accessories e.g. sunglasses, jewelries, watches, etc but my God, it is either out of style or too much pricey. So, I ended up purchasing electronic gadgets. I bought a netbook, yes, a 10-inch netbook, a size which is good for traveling. But still I crave for things to wear. I checked the net and suddenly a page popped up on the screen of one of the SNS/ Social Networking Sites. I checked it and was seduced by the products they were selling. I automatically signed up and created an account with them.


This is a store located physically in Amman, Jordan with branches in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Customer service and support can be utilised online by contacting them real time and their call centres are also located both in Jordan and UAE.  The prices are lesser compared to prices in the malls since they get the items right from the suppliers. Brands like Lacoste, Dolce and Gabbana, Gianfranco Ferre, Michael Kors, Burberry, Ray Ban, Gucci and many more which are world known brands. Other not so known brands like F5 to Refresh, Dewberry, Fred Perry, Moms, Toms, Ice Boys and many more are also available in this site. Sales goes for a day or a maximum of 10 days. For residents of the GCC/ Gulf Countries, delivery fee is  just for US$5 but there are times that the site is offering free shipping like for example during Ramadan, Eid or Hajj holidays. You also have a choice to make a purchase thru credit card or cash on delivery but with CODs you need to pay additional US$5.  The online shop is partnered with a known courier company in the Middle East called, Aramex.

Oopss, I’ve been talking about this shop for about a minute already but still haven’t named them. The name of the online store is MarkaVIP and online shopping has never been this good with them.

In the Middle East, it is way more convenient to do online shopping since traveling is difficult especially for females here in Saudi Arabia. For women to go for shopping, they need to have a male companion to drive them in going to malls or stores for females are not allowed to drive. For female expats, they need to secure a shopping trip permit for them to buy the things they need and want if they are living far from the city. That is why online shopping has been a trend in the Middle East and I, too, planned to bring this idea when I get back home.

Now, I’m just staying at home, waiting for my items to be delivered right at my doorstep. Happy shoppin’ everyone.

Update: Here are the items I got from MarkaVIP. Thanks MarkaVIP.SAM_1744 SAM_1745 SAM_1746 SAM_1747 SAM_1748

P.S. I just bought a necklace for my mum worth US$1,440 and paid only US$210. What a discount! 😉


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