Visa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Visa is a form of documentation issued by the nation’s government allowing the bearer to enter or leave that country.lone

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has different types of visa and every visa classification has different requirements. For you to enter the Kingdom, you need to choose which type of visa you’ll be applying. The Kingdom has these visa types:

– Employment Visa –

Mostly Filipinos came to Saudi Arabia and entered the Kingdom through Employment Visa since getting a Saudi Arabian visa is one of the hardest. Employers and recruiting agencies duly accredited by Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) are the ones who will be doing the work to get the visa. I got my Saudi Arabian visa through my agency’s help along with my employer after signing the contract with them. They processed my visa application, so, I don’t know how much they paid for it. The visa document is valid for 90 days from the day it was issued. For other nationalities, I’m sorry but I don’t have any clue. =(

– Family Visit Visa –

Other types of visa is the Family Visit Visa wherein a member of the family is already working in the Kingdom and wants to have the rest of the family to come and visit the country.

– Student Visa –

Next is Student Visa. There are a lot of international schools in Saudi Arabia. In fact, there is also a Filipino school in Al Khobar when I saw the school bus imprinted with the name of the school.

Transit Visa –

I may not heard of it if the Kingdom is issuing Transit visa but geographically looking at Saudi Arabia, it has occupied 3/4 of the Arab Peninsula and I checked in one of the bus companies that they sent tourists, travelers and foreign workers from other Arab countries crossing Saudi Arabia to other designating country, e.g. Bahrain to Kuwait passing thru Saudi Arabia but this is only for GCC passport holders who don’t need a visa in crossing international borders. Yet, for other nationalities, it is a daunting task since Saudis don’t allow foreign nationals to travel in their country. That’s why people have been venting out their frustrations on how Saudi nationals keep their country out of the travel eye.

– Temporary Work Visa-

 There is also a Temporary Work Visa. I met Engineers; Filipinos, Indians, South Koreans, and they have Temporary Work Visa for 3 months for the entire duration of the project that they are doing in the Kingdom. After the project is accomplished, they need to leave the country.

Hajj Visa and Umrah Visa-

 For Muslims whether you’re a GCC national or not, you can visit the country during the Umrah or Hajj. It is accustomed to the Islam religion on doing the Hajj and Umrah, thus, allowing Muslim people around the world to come and pray in the centre of the Islam religion, Saudi Arabia. Muslim people can do this by applying for an Umrah or Hajj visa but they need to do this with an affiliated travel agency in their home country and once they have one, the agency can do the paperwork for them.

-Exit/ Re-Entry Visa-

exit re-entry If you will go for an annual leave after a year or years of work and has planned to come back to the Kingdom, the company that you are currently working will issue an exit/re-entry visa. It will take only 30 minutes to an hour to process this since it can be done online by your respective company’s Personnel Department Head.

Hope these information help even though I am not familiar with the visa regulation in the Kingdom. These information I gathered from different resources such as bus companies, Saudi nationals, the net, travel agencies, airport and border securities. If  there are corrections, just leave a comment and I’ll check on that for verification. But if you need further information like visa requirements and etc, you can visit your nearest Saudi Arabian Embassy or Consulate in your country.

Marhaba! As-salam alaikom!

مرحبا بكم في المملكة العربية السعودية


20 thoughts on “Visa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  1. I am very happy to know about this different visa classifications. I didn’t aware about these visa classifications yet. Thank you for your valuable information

  2. Hi! I hope you’ll be able to read this soon.. 🙂 I really need the answer coz I’m so nervous right now, sorry… Thank you so much in advance.. I’m nervous about the stamped visa on my passport.. I was asking everyone I know regarding the stamped Validity:90 Days and Duration of Stay:90 Days.. Someone in told me that what i Have is a Tourist visa and not a Work visa.. but my stamped visa looked like that picture above you posted.. so does that mean that I have a Work visa?

    • Ta Mi Yu, ok. Let’s straighten this out. If it’s thru a recruiting agency and you have had a job application and an employer interview was done, it must be a working visa? If not then, the only question I have is how did you get your visa? I know that getting to Saudi Arabia is like going thru the hole of the needle. You need to have an employer to get there or a family member who works there.

      Unfortunately, I can’t read Arabic which is on the VISA but that is what I used when I entered the country.

      • Hi! Thank you for your response po.. thru my agency po, I applied for a job, Asst. Nurse, then may interview din. Sila nag process ng visa application sa Saudi embassy.. then ayun may visa stamped na dun sa passport ko. It really looks like that visa you posted above.. I just became nervous because when I asked the workabroad . ph site about the meaning of that validity days and duration of stay, one of the admins told me that what I have is a Tourist Visa. So now I’m confused and nervous.. but then, that’s what you’ve had when you entered Saudi? for work purposes? .. I hope what I have is a Work visa..

      • Yes, that is what I used upon entering the country. I am also a nurse. Meron ka namang kasama papunta dun d ba? Magdala ka at magsuot ng abaya at tsaka hijab pagdating mo sa immigration nila.

    • Or maybe you are confused because it is written there, ‘Duration of Stay: 90 Days. Well, I will tell you the process. Once you are issued with a Saudi Arabian VISA, you have 90 days to get there. But once you are inside the Kingdom, you just need to report to your employer coz they will process your temporary resident card or we called that ‘iqama’. In exchange of the iqama, you need to surrender your passport to your HR/Personnel Dept Head. That’s the practice of most employers in Saudi Arabia. So, you need to always have your iqama with you whenever you will go out from your flat/house/accommodation.

      • Yes po.. I was confused because of that Validity and Duration of Stay. Natakot ako dun sa answer of workabroad site admin, that what I have is a Tourist visa.. Okay..So yun po talaga nakalagay 90 days ieexchange to an Iqama in Saudi..And yun talagang picture ng visa sa pinakataas ang itsura ng visa mo?…oh..okay..thank you so much!! really appreciate your immediate response, nakahinga naman ako ng maluwag.. Thank you po.. Actually 4 lang kami, may 1 staff nurse akong kasama pero di pa nya nkikita visa nya. We’re both first timer when it comes to applying for a job in KSA. Plus 2 massage therapists. Thank you po talaga!

      • I didn’t see how other types of visa look like but my friends and I have that same visa I posted.

        Good to hear that you were somehow relieved. Anyway, have a safe trip going there. The first few months will be hard adjusting to homesickness, culture shock and etc but sooner, you’ll like the Kingdom. A lot of people talked about Saudi Arabia in a bad way but truthfully, there are more good in the country that sometimes, I admit that I miss Saudi Arabia. Just have fun and create good memories. Be always decent and not too showy. 😉

  3. Hi Carl, I’ll be working in KSA soon and I just got my visa which looks like the same photo above. I guess the difference between other types of visas from an employment visa is that it would show “not permitted to work”. may I ask if you were able to leave Philippines within 90days from the date in your visa? Your reply would be very much appreciated. Thank you,-Maria

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