Sa Muli Nating Pagkikita, Pilipinas (Til We Meet Again, Philippines)

Philippines_flagI grew up in this country for 26 years. Yet, I am still trying to explore it. It may have characteristics to flaunt but it also has imperfections to hide. Even though with the country’s burden of flaws and intrigue, I still find it the best place to stay and live.

It has been labeled many times as: a third world country, one of the most corrupt countries, a country who has the worst airport in Asia, and so on. But when people say that, I always think of a coin and its two faces that there is always negative to counteract the positive. That is equilibrium and I think every country has imperfections too but it depends on the people how they handle it.

For me, I am very much thankful to be a citizen of this country, though, sometimes I have thought of changing my nationality or mask my identity as  one of the inhabitants. But it never happened because I am grateful for the protection and things that it gave me. The culture and traditions that this country has are so wide and rich that you can trace back when it was not colonized by foreign invaders. We always value traditions and preserve our culture because these make us as US.

I got my conscience here, nurtured my well-being that makes me a person that I am right now. It provided me jobs, food to feed me, schools to educate me, and basically everything. Yet, with man’s unending satisfaction of needs and wants, I ended up leaving this country. It may have provided me the basic needs in my life and also gave me the luxuries I want but still I look for more.

I left my homeland and gone overseas. But even though, I am miles away from you, I always bring the flag and represent how rich and blessed I am to be a Filipino. I may be gone for 18 long months but still I am the person that you knew a long time ago. I may not see how progressive you are but I’ll be counting the days, weeks, months and years for me to see you again. Til we meet again, my long unseen beloved, THE PHILIPPINES!


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