Famous Manila Landmarks VI: Fort Santiago

383266_10150399747039667_1094795565_n387504_10150399759379667_403863239_nI didn’t have enough travels yet in the capital city of the Philippines. Yes, it is true that I have gone to the Walled City but I never got the chance to see the popular place called Fort Santiago, thus, I have decided to go there.384025_10150399743649667_963265063_n166954_10150399760794667_949929410_n
Fort Santiago is a good place to visit and unwind. It is within the walls of Intramuros just a few walk from Manila Cathedral and along Pasig River. The fort has served as the prison cell of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, before he was executed.386529_10150399748739667_1106173466_n391121_10150399751494667_1708511843_nEnrich your history by visiting Rizal‘s life at Fort Santiago. Walk with him with his foot markings paved on the road and be inspired on how he gave up his life for our independence.392753_10150399758534667_1863605514_n385558_10150399751744667_1583540496_n


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