Feast of St. Isidore and Tanda Festival 2013

I’ve witnessed Tanda Festival last 2011 and now that I’m back in Tubigon. I am so lucky to have seen it again this year. Last Wednesday, May 15, 2013 when the feast of St. Isidore was celebrated, I’ve got the opportunity to visit the church and lit a candle.SAM_0079

Visiting the church is the utmost priority when you are there to spend the feast of a dear patron saint. Attending the Holy Eucharist, lighting candles, and praying & thanking the Almighty for a good fortune, those are the things you need to be doing before enjoying the feast. That is how I do it when celebrating fiesta in Bohol.

Anyway, it was really a hot and humid day to be watching the Mardi Gras and the streets were jam-packed with dancers, performers, go-lookers, and much of everything else. I was kinda exhausted just by looking at the scenario, so, I still ended up taking lil pictures and went home after the gruesome and tiring things that I’ve been doing on the streets and the plaza. Here are the photos that I took after I’ve done my duties as a full pledge Catholic.



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