Be Clean and Let’s Vote for What is Right

election78013th of May, 2013 marks a huge difference in the Philippine government. It happened that the Philippines has just had an election for 12 seats of the Senate and Local Government positions on this date. Since, politics within the country is a big controversy for money played a big role and vote buying is wide spread. Yet as I’ve witnessed it, the people who have been receiving bribe money tend to be more responsible now. They chose the right person to serve the country and doesn’t just be bought easily by those politicians who are good at manipulating the result during elections. People now wanted a more cleaner and honest election, appointing the right person on the position to serve the populace.

Election started at 0700H with the early birds got the first opportunity to practice the right to suffrage and ended as announced by 1500H but it was extended since a lot of people who came just from work haven’t voted yet. In the morning at around 1000H in our area, long queues were visible. Good thing about that day was the weather. It was a cloudy day with some drizzle with temperature not as hot as expected. Everything went smooth til around 1400H when there was an electrical interruption but it was just brief for about 1 to 2 minutes. For the entire voting process, it took merely 3 hours of waiting from the long and winding queues to sitting on chairs and then got those right index finger inked with blue. Votes were counted thru PCOS machine or Precinct Count Optical Scan machine.IMG_0421IMG_0420

Now, we are just waiting for the official result and the beginning of a new journey towards a good governance awaits.


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