Browsing Bohol VIII: Panglao

Panglao, I think everyone knew or heard about this amazing place. If someone says Bohol, Panglao pops up in their brains. Panglao has been known as the most visited place in the province of Bohol. The primary tourist attractions of this town are its white sandy beaches, the seas, and the underwater biodiversity.

You can get to Panglao by hiring a cab driver or even a taxi to drive you on your way to different resorts. I may have been to Panglao Island once in every 2 months. But, most of the time I’m there, I only stayed in one or two resorts. I have never tried those luxurious beach resorts for I only came there to enjoy basking under the sun, swimming and enjoying both the sunset and sunrise which I can also experience when I’m on an affordable beach resort.

Anyhow, I’ve only stayed in Bagobo Resort, Dumaluan Resort, and Bohol Beach Club which are just adjacent to each other. When the moon comes out, the best place to enjoy the night is in Alona Resorts for they have night parties that last til dawn. In addition to that, Alona Resorts is like a community of tourists who wanted to stay in Panglao for a month or even for years.

Traveling within Panglao Island is affordable if you want to spend your holiday in a simpler way. But if you are into booze and night parties, just make sure your wallet can handle it since Panglao resorts are serving different kinds of wines which are jaw-dropping in terms of price.

So far, this town has been my place for me to unwind and de-stress when I have a lot of problems, and it never fails to make me smile and forget all the worries I have. I miss this town and I’ll be counting months for me to visit Panglao again.

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