Festivities in the Philippines: Sandugo Festival 2011

Sandugo Festival is celebrated every July to commemorate the Blood Compact between Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Rajah Sikatuna. I didn’t expect that last 2011 was my last Sandugo Festival I attended before I left the province and has never got the chance to come back due to my work. In 2011, I ended up not witnessing the parade, street dance competition, the programmes set by the Local Government Unit. But, even though I didn’t see it, I still enjoyed my Sandugo Festival in the mall with my friends from High School and College.

We had a get together to keep us updated on what’s going on with everyone’s lives. I may have not gone to the street to witness the parade but I enjoyed it with long unseen friends. Besides, it’s SANDUGO which means it is a treaty of friendship, one blood, friends forever.

A simple and meaningful gathering of friends was way more than enough to celebrate Sandugo Festival 2011.But anyhow, these are photos from a friend whom she took during the festival. I would have witnessed these if I was out there basking in the sun to see the mardi gras.205944_10150281657687948_7839039_n 215089_10150281672337948_40398_n


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