Festivities in the Philippines: Tanda Festival 2011

Tanda Festival is celebrated during the feast of St. Isidore the Worker during the month of May.

When I was wandering in Tubigon, Bohol way back 2011, I got the chance to experience the festival. The mardi gras started early that I was able to witness only the showdown competition which was held spot on the street. Yes, it was on the street and not on a cultural center or a big sport center. It was absolutely free, all you need to do is look for a better and comfortable place to watch the streetdance showdown competition.

It was held infront of Tubigon Commercial and Market Center, so, they have to close the entire place for buses not to come and go.

A lot of viewers were there to have fun and cheer for their dancers. The contingents were from different barangays of the said town.

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Unfortunately, I had limited time that I didn’t wait for the result of the streetdance showdown. It was also hot and very congested with too much audiences onsite. Instead, I went to my aunt’s house, took a nap, ate, and had chit-chats with relatives and friends.


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