Browsing Bohol I: Loboc

After my conquering Cebu journeys, I still didn’t get the hang of traveling. So, I tried exploring my home province and named my odyssey as BROWSING BOHOL.

First stop was in Loboc. Loboc is one of the towns in Bohol. It is just an hour trip from Tagbilaran City, the capital of the province. It is famous for its river cruise so, my family went there just for fun. In my home province, I’ve been traveling with my family if we don’t have anything to do and this is also our way of spending quality family time.

While cruisin’ the river, you will notice its calm green river, the lush green forest, the Busay falls, and also friendly locals. Loboc River Cruise is one of the famous destinations in Bohol and it also offers night cruise which you will appreciate the different lights within the riverside. With just PhP300, you will get a delectable buffet and a great ride on a river, yet, a lot of people hasn’t heard that Loboc also has its own Eco-tourism Adventure like what Danao is promoting. I thought that I can visit there and take some rides but unfortunately, we don’t have ample time. So, I’m hoping that next time I’ll visit Loboc, I can try their zipline and also their cable cars.

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7 thoughts on “Browsing Bohol I: Loboc

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