Conquering Cebu XII: Mactan Island

A party was sponsored by my previous company to show the admin’s gratitude to every employees for their great contribution. We had our scheduled bus to pick us up by 0800H. We’ve waited for 30 minutes then drove to Maribago and finally, we’ve arrived in BlueWater Resort.

It was fun but the heat was really sizzling hot. It was a great experience to see other colleagues enjoy.

Maribago Bluewater Resort is in Mactan Island. Forty-five minutes or to an hour travel from the city centre, Cebu City. The place is good for honeymooners, celebrations, and big parties like reunions and wedding reception.Check out their website at Bluewater Resort has another location which is in Sumilon Island which we explored in Conquering Cebu XI: Sumilon Island.

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12 thoughts on “Conquering Cebu XII: Mactan Island

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