Conquering Cebu I: Argao

I was confined mostly in the four walls of my previous work, so, I decided to embark into a journey of seeing Cebu Province as other people haven’t seen it. Mostly, I just look on the pages of books, tour guides, mag about a certain place’s tourist spots. Thus, I’ve come up with something extraordinaire to do. Rather than thinking of surfing the net all day, so, it would be beneficial if I will write the experiences I had when I was still working in a very stressful environment during the time when I was still in the Philippines and been working as a call centre agent. I have thought of releasing my love of traveling and making it into a reality. I have decided that time to visit every towns in Cebu.

My first stopover was in ARGAO. I went to Riverstone Castle and seen its different panorama. As what they told me, it is a castle that looks like a dungeon without a dragon. The place was nice. There are lot of passageways you need to explore and you need to bend a lot, walk a lot and take photos a lot to keep memories alive. I thought of going swimming in the pool but I didn’t bring any spare clothes.

Then, I proceeded to Argao Nature Park and tried their zip ride and went there to take some photos. It was really nature-rich park, they have boat trip, wall climbing and mini zoos that kids would love to see and try.

Next trip in Conquering Cebu was in Barili.

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