The Lone Traveler Started Blogging

I’m actually new in blogging but I really wanted to have a blog of my own where I can talk to the world. I’ve tried to make a blog and this is my second attempt since I failed the first time. I envied a lot of people who have blogs and told myself that in the future I can also be proud of myself doing the same thing they are doing. And now, I’m starting to do it again. Blogging deserves second try.

Honestly, I’m not good in writing and definitely not best in our second language, English but I will work hard to say what is on my mind without being baffled of what I wanted to impart.

I really love to travel and I feel like traveling is my passion. This blog will give you stories, insight, guides and ways for you to get that vacation a well deserving, memorable and exciting one in a tight budget way.

Watch out on my next blog for I will start my travel in my country so called, THE PHILIPPINES!



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